What are the main food supplements for bodybuilding?

To increase muscle mass when you want to build your physique, you need to exercise a lot and eat well too. Food supplements make it possible to make the athlete's diet more effective, more comfortable and healthier. However, it is essential to know which food supplement to choose. How do you choose among the various products available? This post presents some supplements that could help you achieve your goals.


Presented as a protein powder, peptopro is a mixture of amino acids derived from casein. It contains around 20 amino acids and is ideal for inducing metabolite synthesis and preventing the breakdown of muscle molecules. It is one of the few proteins that can be used in full training because it is easily used by the body and quickly digested. For more informations, visits this site web.


Creatine is made up of three amino acids and is naturally produced by the body. It is ideal for bodybuilding, as it allows the athlete to optimise performance by increasing strength. This protein maintains the right amount of energy during physical efforts and ensures weight balance and optimisation of muscle mass. It increases and improves the physical strength of the bodybuilder, which is why it is so popular.

Whey protein

Many sportsmen and women take whey protein because it plays an important role in increasing muscle mass. It is the most anabolic protein powder you can find. It has a good assimilation speed and allows to optimize after each training the recovery and the synthesis of proteins. In addition to improving the endurance of sports enthusiasts, it fights against high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Apart from these different functions, whey protein boosts the body's defence system by strengthening the immune system.