What are the concrete applications of AI to improve customer experience?

For a company, it is important that the customer experience is quality and personalized. It is a way to make the customer feel important and that satisfying his request is your priority. Note that this is not always simple or easy to do, hence the importance of using artificial intelligence to better cope. To do this, you need to master the real-world applications to make this improvement successful.

Machine learming

AI remains a fuzzy concept for many companies, so the definition can vary greatly depending on the industry. It drives the growth of all three digital trends of which machine learming is one. If you linked here, the understanding will be faster. It can be defined as an innovative technology that allows humans to analyze information via a personal assistant or an acquaintance. It also allows to take decisions adapted to each context, to understand the analyzed information and also to perceive information from various sources. Putting artificial intelligence at the service of customer relations will be of great use to the company that makes this decision. Starting with the management of the company's human resources, accounting, etc. It is also a very important asset for entrepreneurship, especially to build customer loyalty.


This is an application with artificial intelligence that is increasingly adopted by companies. In fact, many companies use it to have a personalized customer service, which increases customer satisfaction. The advantage of chatbot is that in terms of savings, customer service can save about eight billion dollars. Beyond the savings, companies get other benefits from artificial intelligence like making information more accessible to the customer. This accessibility is possible thanks to the chabot that is used as a search engine. They now have the ability to better advise customers in their purchasing act, following personalized advice for optimal care. Even better, you can boost your sales thanks to artificial intelligence. Indeed, from a simple conversation, customers can book and place orders. Finally, it's the surest way for businesses to build customer loyalty.

Text mining

These are also bots that depending on their levels of technicality and functionality can take on different forms. It is a technology that can range from the analysis of keywords in a query to self-learning content exploration or intent management. All this coupled with machine learming for a good optimization. It remains a significant lever for a company that wants to improve its customer service and, in turn, the image of its brand. In reality, many people are unaware of it, but positive reviews are not only linked to the customer's satisfaction with the product. Some even being satisfied with the product can leave bad reviews because the assistance in case of need was not there. When the customer is well taken care of, especially with the possibility to reach you at any time. They will definitely leave good comments about your services, which can bring you potential customers. It is often said that a satisfied customer returns ten customers find vice versa, hence the advantage of artificial intelligence. 

Here are the concrete applications with artificial intelligence that you can use as a business owner to improve the customer experience of your company.