What are the best video games that perfectly illustrate death?

Video games are the best ways to entertain and escape. When you play, you feel like you are really present in the game and you experience intense moments. However, some games are more interesting and eventful than others. These are the video games designed around the concept of death. Discover in this article, some of these video games.

Middle-earth: the shadow of Mordor or the shadow of War

This video game perfectly illustrates the concept of death. The death of the enemy equals the victory of the player. There is nothing more intense and interesting than fighting evil creatures and putting yourself in the player's shoes. To learn more, click here https://c86news.com. There is an order, a hierarchy of enemies in the game. The main enemy is the protagonist Talion. When he dies, nature changes. This change is a symbol of victory.

Sifu (2022)

Sifu is among the best video games loved by gamers. Here, death is seen as a multi-stage mechanism. When you die once, you come back stronger and older. Each time the player dies in a fight, the character comes back later but gets a little older. After several resurrections, he will not be able to come back, he will die. It is this aspect of the game that makes it more interesting.

Hades (2018)

This video game was inspired by Greek mythology and the underworld. It illustrates death as a step or path that leads to another world underground. When the player kills Zagreus, he is sent underground. The player must go after him and finish his mission. In this underground world, he finds objects and weapons that help him to be better prepared.