Various, tradition reborn in Vaucelle

Beer is a beverage that has stood the test of time. It has a whole history, specific to certain regions of the world. In some countries, this tasty drink is celebrated which is produced by various breweries, and market different flavors of beer. The Municipality of Vaucelle is a historic land on which a new brewery has opened its doors. Discover the history of the Brasserie de Vaucelle in this article.

From the opening of the Brasserie de Vaucelle

800 years ago, in Vaucelle next to the abbey an estate was erected for the production of beer. This brewery was built as a farm and housed at the time a brewery, which over the years has experienced decline. To revive this tradition, two businessmen took the initiative to renovate the enclosure and the production equipment. The brewers and the ingredients that go into the beer secretion were primed in November 2020, and the brewery began production of new beers.

New beers to market

The new brewery called Brasserie de Vaucelle, tested from the start tested seventeen brews, with a view to bringing original and succulent beers to the market. Three brews have been selected to produce beers of excellent quality. In fact, within the next few months, the company should launch the following drinks:

Blond abbey beer

It would keep the flavor of abbey beer, with a slight taste of the beverages of the Trappist monks. It is a blond beer slightly pronounced in alcohol, 8 degrees, to be taken for strong sensations.

Standard blond beer

This specialty will be rather light, composed of a mixture of malt and hops. Its alcohol concentration will be 6.5 degrees.
These are the two products that the new Brasserie de Vaucelle will launch on the market next. Consumers of the brand will certainly appreciate the new beers born from the brand, as it is a centuries-old tradition that is reborn in this town.