Tiger X the drone vehicle signed Hyundai

Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is strengthening its car game with an all-terrain vehicle capable of adapting to rough tracks. This idea, in gestation for several years, saw the light of day and the car called Tiger X is being produced in the brand's factories. More details in this article.

The realization of the Elevate project

Hyundai companies pioneered the idea of building a modular vehicle with ultimate mobility. The Elevate project thus conceived gave life to Tiger X; an acronym defined as Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot. It is actually a robot vehicle that can be controlled remotely like a drone. The performance of the semi-autonomous car is very high and it has multiple uses.

Characteristics of the Tiger X

The machine barely the size of a suitcase. It is mounted on a system of articulated feet carrying wheels at the base. This sophisticated system allows 360 ° mobility of the machine which can adapt to extreme conditions. Thanks to the multitude of integrated sensors, the machine is able to recognize its environment and move accordingly. On a normal wheel, the Tiger X behaves like an all-wheel drive vehicle. Faced with an obstacle in on a rough road, the legs of the vehicle extend and the latter walks.

Using the Tiger X

Hyundai's vehicle is multi-purpose. Indeed, it is designed to support a considerable weight and therefore, it can move people and material. Likewise, according to the claims of those responsible for the project, Tiger X can be deployed to foreign planets and landlocked areas on earth to carry out observation or prospecting missions. The machine is also suitable for use following a disaster to save lives. The first version of the vehicle is being assembled and it will soon be available on the markets.

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