The main ways to get information

The main ways to get information Traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers are recognised as the primary means of information. But the arrival of information and communication technologies has changed the way these information systems work. There are now several ways of getting information with ease of use and various advantages for Internet users. Let us discover some of the information channels.

Social networks

Information is an indication, a piece of information, or a precision that is given or obtained about someone or something. Thus, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are appreciated for their speed of access to information. These social networks most often have a Home Page that catches the attention of internet users. To check the reliability of the information, you should : give priority to articles that give voice to the different parties of the subject being discussed; give priority to official sources; try to compare several articles on the same subject; and favour media providing accurate and verified information on testimonies and/or interviews with experts in the field covered.


It is a source of information like a large global database. The Internet has the advantage of diversifying information on any subject. With the Internet, information is free and accessible from any geographical area. The Internet offers reliable and simple research compared to other media. It offers up-to-date information.

The traditional media

These are mass media that reach a large audience and a wide target. With the development of different means of information, traditional media such as television and newspapers have been forced to adapt. Newspapers have created their own websites for their publications. Newspaper companies use social networks to relay articles.