Steps to obtain VisiTax receipt in Quintana Roo

Having time free, whereby you can go on a vacation trip with you or your family can be very refreshing. There are a lot of countries you could visit which is Quintana Roo is among. But there is a visiting tax that visitors are supposed to pay. In this article, we will be listing the steps you will need in obtaining the VisiTax receipt.

By filling out the online form and using the secured page to pay

For visitors planning on traveling to Quintana Roo, there is a need of paying VisiTax. For this purpose, there are steps in obtaining the VisiTax receipt. The first step is filling out the online form. Read more of this to know about Visitax. This first step is very important as others steps depend on it. You have to visit the Quintana Roo travelers VisiTax site in order to have access to the form. Take heed of the false site that will just dupe you this means you have to be careful, that’s why this step is to be taken with all consciousness. Ensure you properly fill the form by entering the needful and correct information. Fill out the form by giving all requested details. 

The next step is using the secured page for payment. After filling out the form presented to you online, you will have to make payment for the VisiTax. So, to avoid paying into the hand of the wrong people, it will be wise you use the site secured page. 

By receiving a unique QR code

Once payment is made in the right way, you will receive a QR code. The QR code will be sent to you via your email account which will be indicated in the form you filled out. Take note that you will receive the code an hour after the payment is done. However, this VisiTax mainly concerns visitors that are above four years old. Take note that the QR code you’ll receive just stands as proof that you have successfully paid your VisiTax, you can now enjoy your stay!