Some secrets to successful digital marketing in China

In China, the majority of the population has a high regard for the digital sector. More than 150 million Internet users log on every day to get the latest information. Chinese companies have understood the system and have decided to embrace this new advertising technique. So if you want to know what methods to use to succeed in this field, here are some secrets. 

Doing SEO with Baidu

Normally, a website or an online shop cannot exist without SEO. On a helpful site, you must respect the principles of SEO. However, you have to use the keywords, set the tags and respect all the other criteria of SEO. In China, to get the keywords you have to use the search engines. Among many search engines, Baidu offers a great efficiency in this field. This platform has a great record in China and dominates the competition. It is the number one in the country and fifth in the world. With Baidu, you can get high ranking keywords to boost your website. 

Take advantage of social networks like Weibo

In addition to your website, to succeed in digital marketing in China you need to use social networks. All over the world, social networks are a big part of digital marketing. In China, figures show that 91% of the population has an Android phone every day. More than 150 million people log on to social networks every day. However, as a Chinese business you can take advantage of this through social networks. Just create a page or an account and share your products with polished content. 

Creating buzz

In order to take advantage of social networks, you need to create a buzz on them. Indeed, Internet users like news that creates euphoria, especially when it is a situation that puts stars in conflict. So, as a company, you can create these kinds of situations to draw attention to your company. Please make sure that the content is ethical.