Real estate agencies: how to attract your customers on the Internet?

Do you want to promote your real estate activities and attract new customers through digital media?  Here is an overview of the tools available to you. Property promotion on internet can offers you many opportunities or benefits.

 Define a digital communication strategy

Defining a strategy consists of segmenting your customers according to your services (rental, sale, promotion), choosing the communication channels and creating a marketing plan for each type of customer.

To get good results, avoid going headlong on social media or writing a blog and don't waste your money on online advertising without being accompanied by a professional who will help you establish your communication strategy. For more information, visit the site .

Create a quality website

The website is the basis of your communication.  It must reflect your business: modern, dynamic, qualitative and professional.  Over 50% of internet users browsing the web with a smartphone, make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices.

Having a good site is good.  Having visitors is even better.  There are several tools and techniques to increase traffic to your site and attract new customers:

Optimize the site for search engines

Be present in digital directories

Communicate on social networks

Invest in online advertising

Use content marketing

Optimize your site for search engines

Over 80% of people first search for a business’s services on Google.

Optimizing a site for search engines consists of implementing techniques to be better positioned on queries related to your real estate activities.

Here are some simple tips to put into practice on your site:

Each page should have a distinctive title and contextual description including keywords related to your services

The URLs of the pages must be clean and contain your keywords

Title tags (H1, H2, etc.) should be used judiciously in your pages and contain your keywords

Images must have an appropriate name and description

Secure HTTPS protocol must be used

The site must be optimized for mobile devices

These few tips will help Google get to know you better, which will save you some places in the search results.