International, the new electronics fair in Guangzhou, China

An international event on electronic and smart devices took place from April 12 in the capital of Guangzhou province located in southern China. This grouping of exhibitors (engineers) and buyers is initiated by the Chinese authorities with a view to exploring the world market in terms of technology. More details on the show in this article.

The objectives of the initiative

This fair organized by the Guangzhou Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Trade Development Office of the Ministry of Commerce, and a local exhibition company brought together 1000 engineers specializing in the creation of electronic devices, electric and intelligent. These present nearly 60,000 products to potential buyers, also from all over the world.
The Guangzhou exhibition under the theme: "Embracing domestic demand and exploring the world market", was an opportunity for the authorities and players in the international cross-border market to also discuss the new modalities of exchange between countries. Thus, through forums and summits on various topics relating to cross-border e-commerce, the growing development of industries for consumer electronics, etc. this international show will promote a great sharing between countries.

The inventions object of the Guangzhou international exhibition

In total, an exhibition area of 40,000 m² is dedicated to this international grouping. The exhibition area is divided into six sections including: consumer electronics, mobile electronics accessories and parts, electronic sports games and household appliances. New communication technologies are also in the spotlight, such as the 5G connection. It is much more about terminals linked to 5G, and the technologies corresponding to manageable screens, ultra-high definition images, virtual reality, etc.
He noted that innovative tools and accessories will be showcased during this four-day international high tech fair.

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