E-health or remote medicine: major challenges

New communication technologies have revolutionized the field of health. Today, it is possible to take care from a distance to be well. The COVID-19 pandemic having resulted in the confinement of people despite their health status, the use of remote health services has improved the lives of patients. Read this article to find out everything.

The Grand Annual Tech Show

Every year, the developers of technological devices come together to reveal to the world the new equipment invented to accompany people in everyday life. Containment due to the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the proliferation of digital health services, hence the expression: remote medicine. What is it really about? Any telemedicine platform, including health monitoring and health support tools, are categorized among remote health services.

Access to e-health services through tools


The MedWand

It is a tool invented by the general practitioner Samir Qamar allowing patients to take their own blood pressure, temperature and blood pressure and transmit the results via computer. It will be launched in the year 2021.

Online assistance and consultations

These are tools such as stethoscopes, otoscopes for examining the ears, blood pressure monitors and oximeters, which can be used at home by the patient. This kind of material will be available on the market in the coming months.

Air purifiers and smart bracelets

Over the past year, personal air purifiers have not received enough reviews from doctors. But this year, faced with the challenges of telemedicine, doctors have reconsidered their position. Likewise, new devices like smartwatches monitor pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, and other data. Remote medicine is now faced with the challenge of monitoring and sharing patient data.

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